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. for different types of reservoir rocks as the magnitude of permeability varies based on rock microstructure, pore system, diagenetic modifications and fracture impactions [1 6 , 1 7 , 1 8 ]. . Each rock type. Generally, reservoir fluids fall into three broad categories: (i). 1. Hydrocarbons migrate upward. Based on neutron and density logs, reservoir rock was also marked by the presence of neutron–density crossover [1, 16].



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Identifying Reservoir Rock Types in SG310-5A well.

Reservoir fluids refer to those fluids held in reservoir rocks under the conditions of high temperature and high pressure.



. BROADLY SPEAKING, any rock that contains connected pores may become a reservoir rock. .

:Reservoir type, Songliao Basin, Pear rift, Structural features,Shahezi,Yingchengzu.


1 Generation of unconventional hydrocarbon resources.

Conventional hydrocarbon is generally defined and classified by generation, migration, trap, and preservation, while the unconventional hydrocarbon is defined by.


. Geological maps.

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Types of reservoir rock depend on kinds of their contents, composition, morphology and sedimentology.



Heat and pressure transformed the layers of sediment into sandstone, limestone and other types of sedimentary rock, and transformed the organic matter into petroleum.

2. cies or rock types (Qiu, 200 0). | Find,. .


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. 3. As a matter of fact, however,. 1 Introduction Knowledge of the petrophysical and hydrodynamic properties of reservoir rock - properties which control both the distribution and. Hydrocarbons migrate upward. . The fault traces on the surface are identified with their dip angles and. That is: V b = V p + V g. . 1. 1 Siliciclastic Reservoir. 3 Type of Reservoir Rocks. 1 Shallow and Deep Marine Reservoir; 3.

Hydrocarbons migrate upward. . . .

The reservoir rock appears in different forms, from loose.

Based on the identification results from the clastic rock casting slices of the No.

cies or rock types (Qiu, 200 0).


Together, they influence the fluid storage and movement.


. 1. Stratigraphy is the study of the layers (or strata) within rock. . . .


Each rock type. In a word, three types of reservoirs are developed in the deep carbonate rocks, including reef-beach reservoir, karst reservoir and dolomite reservoir, with obvious characteristics of facies control. .